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Clitoral Orgasms When Legs Apart


Hi Lou,

Have you heard of anybody who can’t have clitoral orgasm when her legs are wide apart, only when her legs are together laying straight down and lying on her back? That is my problem. Got any ideas? Please help me understand.


Lou Answers

Dear K,

Yes, I have heard of this and when you read the following three reasons you will see that indeed you do not have a ‘problem’. Rather, like many women this is merely how you physically need to be positioned to have orgasms occur for you. FYI online porn films be damned – their presented positions are sadly great for the camera’s angle yet invariably completely hopeless for a woman’s enjoyment.

First, back to the reasons, starting physiologically – when a woman’s legs are closer together there are more of the ‘most sensitive bits” of her clitoris in a localized concentrated area. She or her partner need not move too far or change their motion much to find the most sensitive area. The actual size of the clitoris is much larger and more internal than many people realize, women included. If you want to do some research look at Brightfire Press (Austraila) Illustrated Clitoris. It is an illustrated set of 5 different colored illustrations that show the dimension and location pelvically of the clitoris. I use this annually when I teach a UCLA class for medical residents, Masters and Ph.D. therapists. You’ll learn more about YOU.

Secondly, some women require a form of muscular tension in order to expand their sexual enjoyment and orgasm, and this can only be achieved when they are on their backs with tight thigh contraction. After all your thigh muscles are some of the largest in your body.

Thirdly, and possibly the most influential reason is if this position is the one in which you first experienced and learned to orgasm via masturbation, then as with most people, the way or position you first ‘learned’ is often one of the easiest and most satisfying routes to orgasmic satisfaction.



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