Hear Lou Roar

By blending her vast general knowledge of all things sexual with her hard sciences background she delivers with her trademark calm fearless intelligence a clearer, more demystified body of information used equally by the general population and her peers in the fields of sexuality. Her brand is known for delivering information about sexuality and relationship sans the sleaze factor while retaining all of the accuracy, fun and the “You’re kidding!!” factor. Techniques and Tips are her specialty, she delivers bite-sized chunks of information you can use right away, that work!

Lou’s Voiceover

"Regal sass that hasn’t lost its sense of humor." "A smarter, more expensive Kim Cattrall." The road to voice over is as varied as the personalities and brands in the ...
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Sex Ed in US, John Oliver’s Show on same

First John Oliver SOOO nailed the absurdity of sexual health education in this country with solid stats and science research. My kudos to him and his research staff ...
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Flibanserin, pink viagra, HA!, Guest on Mission Date Night

Flibanserin tries to be female viagra, their statistics are a joke and this was their 3rd attempt to bully their way onto the market. Then the Jared Fogel issue. I ...
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Ashley Madision impact, Josh Duggar and the Art of Forgiveness

Ashley Madison, Josh Dugar's exposure, Lou discusses the Art of Forgiveness, Non-Judgment and Love as ways to deal with social awareness and reaction to infidelity and covered up child molestation ...
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Abusive Relationships and Stalkers. What YOU can do.

Lou discusses the growing issue, yet still silenced area, of Abusive Relationships, Stalkings and what one an do about them. Truly one can only help someone who wants help. Lou ...
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National Coming Out Day

Lou covers the power and support that National Coming Out Day gives many. How the Trevor Project online has been a life saver for gay teens committing suicide, Dan Savage ...
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