Sad couple having an argument lying on bed

No Intimacy. What Can I Do?

Hi Lou, I have been with my partner for 8 years. Intimacy was well balanced and succulent the first few ...
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Middle-aged man has problem, a woman comforting him in bed at bedroom at home

Boyfriend Difficulty Coming During Oral Sex

Question: My boyfriend takes forever to come when I am giving him head. I feel like I must be doing ...
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young couple sitting in bed side by side and getting sad after an argument

Is This True Love?

Question I know I really like this person yet not sure if they have what it takes to be my ...
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Isolated young business woman thinking

Female Ejaculation Confusion

Dear Lou; Finished reading your book, Orgasms, How to Have Them, Give Them and Keep them Coming and I am ...
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young people in various poses on studio set

Am I Bisexual?

Dear Lou: I'm a 35 year old divorced woman who has started being attracted to women. I've never been with ...
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Young sexy adult woman lyin down and teasing herself

Clitoral Orgasms When Legs Apart

Question: Hi Lou, Have you heard of anybody who can't have clitoral orgasm when her legs are wide apart, only ...
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