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Dear Lou;

Finished reading your book, Orgasms, How to Have Them, Give Them and Keep them Coming and I am still confused about ejaculation. What percentage of women ejaculate? What color is the fluid and where does it come from? Are there different types of ejaculation from G-spot vs. clitoral orgasm?


Dear T.J.;

The percentage according to Dr. Santa Maria Cabello, one of the world’s foremost researchers in female ejaculation, is that 70% of all women experience ejaculation. However, the amount of ejaculate may be so small they aren’t aware or it mixes with the increased vaginal mucosal lubrication during stimulation and isn’t seen as a separate fluid. Those who have seen and/or experienced it have related to me the fluid ‘was clear’ to ‘milky’, and it tasted “buttery” to lightly sweet”.

As I said in my book female ejaculation happens for some women regularly, for some occasionally and for others never. Also it is not a true physiological ejaculation as it isn’t coming from a specific organ. This was a comment to me by Dr. Marc Ganem OB/GYN.

The fluid comes from the para (meaning on the side) uretheral glands. And it is not urine. Therefore where it comes from is the same physiological area as a man’s prostate and as a result that area is referred to as the femal prostate because when Cabello tested the fluid in lab situations where the women had not been with a man for sexual stimulation the fluid contained PSA. Prostatic Specific Antigen, the marker used to determine men’s prostate health.

Each women orgasms uniquely and not as portrayed in most online porn. Many of these online depictions are highly inaccurate showing urination instead. False advertising to sell a product. Also there are eleven types stimulation of women’s bodies that can result in a build up to orgasm.

The ejaculation occurs just before orgasm not at the moment of orgasm. Some women experience it as a result of arousal with kissing, some with oral sex, some from G-spot stimulation and some from masturbation, some from intercourse and some with heavy petting. Again, it is uniquely personal to each woman and if she does ejaculate chances are it is similar fluid because it is her body chemistry.

I talked about female ejaculation in another letter so for more research-oriented answers, you might like to check that out. (The Archives access is at the bottom of the QOM page.)



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