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Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Masturbator Test and Review

I’ve tested the Kendra Lust Fleshlight in the past but it never really satisfied the part of me that just wanted to grab her amazing-looking butt and play with it.

I was finally ready to enjoy her beautiful big booty when Zero Tolerance released the amazing Kendra Lust’s Life-size Booty Stroker.

Kendra Lust Life-Size Booty stroker review

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It was freaking amazing testing it and I had wild orgasms each time I used it. The stimulation level is just perfect and the textures are different in the butt and the vagina so it’s like two different experiences.

I couldn’t recommend it more – you can buy it at adameve.com

Design and Material Quality

When I got my hands on the Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Stroker, I was immediately impressed with the hefty design and the premium feel of the materials used.

It’s designed to replicate the adult film star’s lower body, and the attention to detail is remarkable.

kendra lust booty stroker details

Realistic TPE Skin and Texturing

The Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Stroker boasts a TPE skin that feels silky soft to the touch, making the experience incredibly realistic.

The texturing on this stroker is not just for aesthetics; it also adds a heightened sense of realism to the touch. The vagina and ass are molded directly from Kendra Lust herself, preserving every detail for that life-like sensation.

Life Size Dimensions and Weight

This stroker has life-size dimensions that contribute to its realistic appearance. It replicates Kendra Lust’s hips, making it a substantial piece to handle.

kendra lust booty stroker size

The length of the tunnels stretches to 7 inches long, accommodating a range of sizes. As for the weight, it’s got a hefty presence at 15 lbs. (6.5kg.).

How does It Feel to Use It?

When I first got my hands on the Kendra Lust Life Size Booty Stroker, I was struck by its size and heft. The thing is, it feels pretty heavy and solid, which is reassuring in terms of its overall quality.

Texture and Material: Upon touching it, the TPE material has an impressively realistic skin-like feel. This isn’t your garden-variety toy; the texture and firmness mimic real skin remarkably well.

MaterialSpecially formulated TPE
RealismHigh detail, lifelike skin texture
Internal Tunnels6.5 inches deep and stretchable
  • Experience: Using the stroker gives off a very intense sensation. The internal tunnels are snug, giving quite a bit of stimulation. They’ve designed the insides to have various textures that enhance the feeling as you move. I must say, the attention to the interior design is meticulous; it doesn’t just feel like a simple tube but rather a well-thought-out experience that contributes to the overall stimulation level.
  • Visuals: They’ve obviously put a lot of effort into the aesthetics too. The details on the stroker are quite exquisite, with the contours and curves feeling very true to life. There’s something about the visual appeal that adds to the experience – it’s not just about the feel; it’s also how convincingly real it looks.

To be frank, using it feels pretty darn close to the real thing if not an exact match. I was surprised by how much the feeling is enhanced by the design details — they really did their homework on this one.

internal textures of the Kendra Lust Stroker

Usage and Maintenance

Before diving into the pleasures of the Kendra Lust Life-Size Booty Stroker, it’s essential to know how to properly use and take care of it.

Trust me, a little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring the most enjoyable experience and longevity of your toy.

Increase the Pleasure with lots of Lube

I’ve found that using a generous amount of lube is key to making the whole experience feel incredibly realistic.

When ready, I position the stroker for easy access and explore the different pleasure canals—the pussy lips and anal access—to switch things up. The open-ended design also allows for seamless suction adjustments, enhancing the whole masturbation experience.

Cleaning Process

After I’m done, cleaning is crucial. An easy cleaning routine starts with using a warm water rinse. Since it’s open-ended, I make sure water flows through all pleasure canals to wash away any residue.

I use mild soap or a specialized stroker cleaner for a thorough cleanse. It’s simple, really; always clean it right after use. Plus, it’s latex-free and waterproof, which supports an easier clean-up.

What I Don’t Like About It

It’s mostly sunshine and rainbows but there are a few things that I wish could be better. The first thing is some of the minor details near the entrance to the butt.

There can be tiny pieces of TPE left from the molding process. It’s not a huge deal and you can simply remove them carefully with scissors.  

My Final Conclusion

I loved testing the Kendra Lust Booty masturbator and it was only supposed to be a simple two-week test and review but It’s now available in my go-to sex toy closet.

Sure, minor details could be better, but I would not expect this on a product in this price range. I’ve seen $2000 sex dolls with less details around the vagina and butt entrances.

I’ve even ranked it as the best hip masturbator in 2024 which says a lot since I’ve tested more than 10 hip masturbators already this year.

Overall, it is a fantastic toy I can give my full thumbs up on. You’re now going to be disappointed with this one, that’s for damn sure!

Buy at adameve.com