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Phalogenics Pills – I’ve Tested Them All So You Don’t Have To

Phalogenics pills are supplements that help you increase your penis size and strength. It’s not a magical solution that’s going to add inches to your penis in a matter of days but a slow and gradual increase over time.

I’ve tried several of the most popular Phalogenics pills over the years and made a list of the ones that I’ve had the most success with.

phalogenics pills

You get the best results when you take them for 4-8 months but shorter durations do work but are just not as effective.

I recommend VigRX Plus

The brand I’ve had the best success with is called VigRX Plus, it helps you in a wide range of ways that I like. It’s super easy to take, all you need is 2 pills a day with a glass of water and that’s it, you’re done.

You can buy them at vigrxplus.com, they are not cheap but the effect is pretty damn good and well worth the price.

Pills are easy to counterfeit so please don’t cheap out and get them on Amazon, eBay, or any other platforms like that.

vigrx plus

Expect to See Results After 1 Month

As mentioned earlier, this is not going to add an inch to your penis in a few days like some Phalogenics pills promise. Nothing can do that for you and you should avoid products that claim that.

You can however expect slow and steady growth over the months with the first visible results after one month.

Phalogenics Pills results:

  • Month 1: Around a 5% increase in overall penis size and you can expect stronger and longer-lasting erections.
  • Month 2: Around a 10% increase in overall penis size.
  • Month 3: Around a 15% increase in overall penis size.
  • Month 4: Around a 20% increase in overall penis size.
  • Month 5-8: The results slow down in this face and you can expect a 2-5% increase each month.
  • Month 9-12: Expect a 1-2% increase each month.

I’ve seen the best results with Phalogenics pills when I take them in 4-month blocks with a 2-month break between each block.

Just a quick note on the results: We’re all built differently and some respond well to Phalogenics pills and see massive gains in a short time compared to others.

Max Performer is Another Great Alternative

Another great Phalogenics pill is Max Performer which is also cheaper than VigRX Plus. The effect of the pills is a little smaller but they are still worth it in my mind because of the cheaper price.

If you get the 6-month supply box from Max Performer then you’re looking at $1.1 a day while the 6-month box of VigRX Plus will set you back around $1.6 a day.

Not a huge amount but it’s still worth thinking about if you’re on a tight budget. Max Performer pills can be bought from maxperformer.com

Phalogenics Ingredients

Each product has over 10 different ingredients that each play an important role. There are several studies of the individual ingredients and I recommend the ones at the National Library of Medicine which has a long list of studies. I would recommend following James M. Hotaling if you’re into studies and research on ingredients and male health.

Get Better Results with Phalogenics Exercises

You can seriously increase the effect of the pills if you combine them with Phalogenics exercises. The bad thing about this is that you increase the time spent on your project.

You can find some Phalogenics exercises on different tube sites but I would strongly suggest paying for a program if you’re serious about your gains.

The program I’ve had the best success with is simply called Phalogenics Traction Exercises which I reviewed a few months ago.

The thing I like about that specific program is that they have condensed it down to be extremely effective for the amount of time you spend. I’m all about efficiency which is why Phalogenics pills are a favorite of mine.

The Phalogenics Traction program only takes 6 minutes a day which is nothing compared to other programs which take forever to perform.

You can sign up for the Phalogenics exercise program at Phalogenics.com and get instant access to the exercises.

Phalogenics Pills to Avoid

Yep, an equally important part of the guide is a list of products to avoid and this list is unfortunately longer than the list of products you should get.

The biggest problem is that blank pills cost nothing to produce which makes it easy to create counterfeit products and worthless pills that simply do nothing good for you.

I’ve tested more than 25 brands of Phalogenics pills over the last 15 years and the vast majority are useless.

I would strongly advise you to stick to VigRX Plus and Max Performer and avoid anything that makes outrageous claims.

Ideally, I would make a list of 100 products to avoid but that’s time I’m never going to get back and you’re far better off just looking for known good brands.

I recommend vigrxplus.com if you want the best Phalogenics pills right now.